Volunteer with us

A Trustee, Project Worker, and Volunteer organising the Welcome Pack items

A Trustee, Project Worker, and Volunteer organising the Welcome Pack items

H3 is always looking for helping hands with skills, expertise or a passion to share. Volunteers make a big difference to local people’s lives and we have a number of flexible opportunities available. These include: 

  • Join our Committee
  • Challenge yourself and fundraise for us
  • Share a skill or passion such as cycling, cooking, driving, mentoring, gardening, sports training, arts and crafts and help us to deliver better activities and services

We will try to accommodate any interests that can support our beneficiaries, so if you think you can help or want to find out more please get in touch with us by clicking here.

There a number of projects which are looking for community and business support, these are listed on Neighbourly: https://www.neighbourly.com/user/571e1b21b991901f609f4597/myprojects



Could you be a corporate partner? Support from businesses, staff teams and other organisations can help us deliver even better services to those in need. Get in touch to find out what support you could offer and how it can benefit you too!

Current partners include:

Stockport Homes delivers three temporary accommodation schemes across the borough. Through this partnership, H3 is able to access some of its key beneficiaries and develop necessary activities to support the needs of residents and those at risk of homelessness.

CERA Cycloan has enabled us to buy a fleet of bikes and equipment suited to our needs and with training to match. Our values and mission align and we have been able to facilitate joint volunteering and activities with the team.


H3 is very grateful to have been supported by a wide range of organisations with funding and in-kind resources. A very big thank you to the following for supporting us along the way: 

  • Big Lottery 
  • Manchester Airport 
  • FareShare
  • Stockport Homes
  • Greggs Foundation 
  • Stockport Hydro 
  • Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • CERA Cycloan
  • Stockport Community Fund

Testimonial - H3 through the eyes of a Committee Member 

Mercy H3 - 2.jpg
"H3 has provided me with a gateway to regaining my identity and confidence.
When you are homeless you lose your identity and reason for what you are living for. In H3 there are still people who can see that you can make it and that you have potential which can be nurtured all of which is done in many different ways through the charity."

"Finding yourself in housing difficulty and ending up in temporary accommodation, whatever the reasons, can be a pretty scary situation. So it was for me, and it would have been all too easy to sit in a room and dwell on the difficulties I was facing. I count myself lucky that I was introduced to a customer involvement group that was, at the time, known as the Temporary Accommodation Expert Panel. Here I met a group of people who had been through a similar experience and were keen to pass on what they'd learned. They also had some good ideas as to how things could be improved. The group was successful in that it soon became a Registered Charity, raising significant amounts of money and making a real difference to the outlook for homeless people in the Stockport Area.

My involvement with H3 allowed me to access the information I needed to improve my situation, as well as learn from the experience of others. It also engaged me in worthwhile and rewarding activity that was important in helping me get back on my feet. It felt pretty good to acknowledge the support I'd been given by putting a little bit back, and also to know that you might be helping someone else facing similar difficulties. It is a pleasure to recommend H3 to anyone who has the opportunity to get involved."