H4 Advocacy Project

Do you know about our H4 Advocacy Project?

H3 has pioneered a new pathway to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless people through innovative collaboration with health and housing providers. The programme supports the unique needs of homeless and vulnerable adults who are often underserved through a lack of service collaboration. H4 has created a referral and support pathway that ensures homeless people are not discharged without a place to stay and that their needs for secure housing, clinical health and wellbeing are served in the long term.

H4 Advocacy is able to reduce presentation at hospital, reduce homeless discharge, reduce re-admission rates, increase GP access, increase uptake of community health and wellbeing services, and increase the confidence for self-management of health and housing needs in homeless individuals.

These outcomes impact vital and expensive services that are consistently under-pressure. H4 is able to break down endemic issues in homelessness support, through mediation and advocacy, to change behaviour and prevent crisis.

This is a personalised service that puts support around the person and is directed by what an individual would like to achieve for themselves.

To find out more contact admin@h-3.org.uk - we are more than happy to share best practise!