Buxton Rd London Trip

In May, Buxton Road residents visited our glorious capital city for a day trip. There was much excitement and anticipation surrounding the trip to London, and the day certainly did not disappoint!

First stop was the ‘The London Bridge Experience and Tombs’. Residents travelled back in time for an interactive experience, in which the gruesome history of London and its famous bridge was brought to life. Actors regaled residents with tales of Britain’s most famous serial killer Jack the Ripper; they demonstrated the ghoulish practice some 400 years ago when the heads of traitors were displayed on spikes along the bridge; and re-enacted the devastating fires that destroyed the London Bridge and the lives of its residents through the ages.

If that wasn't excitement enough, residents then travelled forward in time to the living nightmare that is 'The London Tombs'. Zombies and ghouls lurked behind every corner ready to pounce! Strobe lighting and small squeeze spaces made it a terrifying fight for survival! The blood curdling screams of our residents could be heard ringing out. This experience was not for the faint hearted!

Next it was time for a change of pace and a visit to the British Museum. Residents were spoilt for choice with the wealth of history, art, and culture on offer to explore. Residents marvelled at treasures from medieval Europe, were taken aback by the impressive nature of large scale Egyptian sculptures, and were fascinated by the mummification process, magic, and rituals of the ancient Egyptians, to name but a few highlights. 

As the trip drew to a close everybody was in agreement that they did not want the day to end! One resident commented that he ‘hadn't felt this happy for a long time’.  Another resident remarked that it was ‘One of the best days out I’ve had in the last 30 years’.

Buxton Road staff and residents would like to say a big thank you to H3 for purchasing the ‘London Experience Tickets’. The trip made a huge difference as it lifted everyone's spirits, and a brilliant time was had by all!