An Evening Pop Up Spa at Our Women's Hostel

Last week we created an oasis of calm and relaxation at our women’s hostel by bringing in the amazing therapists of Pop Up Spa and Retreat…

The evening focused on wellbeing and reducing stress – something can be easily overlooked but has a big impact on how we live our lives, especially in chaotic circumstances. Starting with a wellbeing session, we looked at what makes us happy, what makes us stressed and what situations we can choose create to increase the good stuff. We also looked at the concept of ‘the Wheel of Life’, which helped residents to identify the top 6 priorities in their life and reflect on how each area was going and what might need some work. It was a short introduction to being mindful of your stress levels and thinking about how we take control of our wellbeing.

We then moved into therapy time! With three wonderful therapists, 15 residents were able to have half hour treatments including hot stones massage, back massage, Indian head massage, raki and manicures. Creating a no children zone in the meeting room (a big thanks to staff for enabling this!) gave a rare time of quiet to the mums. We were able to create a peaceful space that enabled real relaxation and encouraged conversations about wellbeing and lifestyle.

There were a number of conversations about engaging in more wellbeing activity, whether it be meditation, yoga or more treatment sessions. A number of residents expressed interest in continuing this kind of activity and we will be looking into how to facilitate this with them.

I slept through the night for the first time I can remember
— Resident
“The residents were far more engaged and staff felt barriers fall, enabling real conversations”
— Project Worker
“We definitely felt more like a group and were able to talk together”
— Resident

Our huge thanks to the women from Pop Up Spa and Retreat for creating a wonderful experience for our residents, we look forward to working with you again in the near future.