Food and Mood cooking course complete!

H3 has completed its first Food and Mood cooking programme in partnership with 4Lunch. This project is being run as part of our H4 Hospital project which supports homeless people to access health services and improve their wellbeing. 15 service users accessed sessions across 5 weeks to learn about how to cook food that supports their mental health and wellbeing. Weekly themes varied from energy and sleep to emotions and eating and participants made fresh pasta, salmon parcels, breakfast muffins and so much more!

Feedback was fantastic and every week participants would discuss what they cooked in between sessions and who they had sat down with to share it. Participants discussed what food meant to them, how they cook, and emotional eating habits.  It was both practical and thought provoking and we can’t wait to start the second course: Healthy Body, Healthy You.

Many thanks to Amy from 4Lunch for designing and delivering such a great programme!