H4 Hospital Project Cost Savings to Health and Housing

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a full cost-benefit analysis using the New Economy model for the 285 customers supported by the H4 Hospital project from May 2015 – January 2017.

All “before” costings are for the six months prior to H4 Hospital intervention; “after” costings are records of instances whilst the customer was supported by the service – typically for 28 days.

The key public costing savings occur in health and housing. The following tables demonstrate the breakdown of these cost savings from the H4 Hospital service.

These have been achieved over two years of development, relationship building and service innovation. We are proud of the impact that has been made to date and look forward to the continuation of this service (secure Big Lottery funding until 2019).

Specific case studies are available and if you would like any further information please do get in contact.    


1. Overall savings to health: £720,182

Ambulance call-outs £71,583 (339/18)*

A&E visits – no investigation £3,876 (59/2)

A&E visits with treatment £43,282 (349/26)

A&E visits leading to admission £488,106 (274/12)

Outpatients appointments -£1,140 (0/10)

Hospital bed days £72,720 (101/0)

Mental health ward admissions £25,245 (57/2)

Mental health outpatients appointments £150 (0/1)

Mental health unit weeks £22,470 (21/0)

GP visits -£5,460 (6/136)

Community nurse visits -£350 (0/10)

*(Client numbers 6 months prior to intervention/ Client numbers 6 months post intervention)

Saving: £720,182


2. Overall savings to housing: £558,340

Cost of homelessness prevention activity: £65,007 (93 preventions)

Cost of homelessness had this not taken place: £253,332

Saving: £188,325

Rough sleeping savings:  4,677 days down to 17 days (48 clients/5 clients)

Saving: £307, 015


3. Overall cost-benefit

Service cost (May 15 – January 17): £92,376

Service savings: £1,278,522

Overall savings: £1,186,146


Created with New Economy's Cost-Benefit Analysis process