Our Support

H3 provides 1-1 engagement support to our service users to build confidence and encourage involvement in a range of activities and opportunities...


Peer Support

Building on interest from service users who have experienced support and build on positive experiences with H3, we have developed a peer support training programme. The programme focuses on supporting good health and wellbeing, along the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, and supporting peers to access health and wellbeing provisions. Peer supporters receive training to establish achievable aims, accompany clients to appointments and organise and assist in wellbeing activities. 5 peer mentors have received training and support, with a further 5 starting the programme in June 2017.

Engagement Activities and Skills Development


H3 runs a wide range of on-going activities and structured programmes for service users to get engaged with, learn new skills and have fun.  These activities are led by volunteers, external practitioners or staff.

We view these activities as forming a therapeutic programme for service users to engage with and support growing confidence, independence and skills development.

Service users can contribute ideas and help organise any activity that they see an interest in.

Current activities include:

-Complementary therapies programme

-Supported Cycle Rides

-Arts and Crafts club for families

-Chess Club

-Gardening days

-H3 Forum


Social Enterprise and Volunteering


H3 has developed the capacity to deliver services in order to provide volunteering opportunities, enable skills development and generate monies for the charity. We see so many service users with trades skills and put them to use through these services.

Move On - H3 runs as Move On removals service for residents leaving temporary accommodation to permanent accommodation and to vulnerable members of the community.

Painting and Decorating - H3 provides painting and decorating services to members of the community and organisations. This ranges from small domestic jobs to larger corporate works.

We also have an ongoing cleaning and facilities contract with Stockport Homes that employs one full time worker at Strathclyde House. This is an 8 month rolling contract which is offered to volunteers who have shown readiness to enter employment.

All our services are low cost and focus on re-gaining costs and providing funding for further training and equipment.

H3 Forum

The H3 Forum is a chance for temporary accommodation residents to come together around a specific theme, hear from a key speaker and take part in a discussion over lunch. Forums take place 4 times a year, the themes for 2016 cover Money Matters, Health and Well-being, Education, Training and Volunteering. The Forum is also a chance for homeless residents to catch up with what H3 has been doing and contribute to our future plans.


Welcome Packs

H3 provide 'Welcome Packs' to local temporary accommodation residents who are moving on to more permanent accommodation. These packs are supplied to provide essentials such as a kettle and toaster to make something warm to eat and drink, and cleaning supplies / utensils to help make things feel more like home. The packs are designed to make a very stressful time a little bit easier for any person making the transition from a period of homelessness into a new settled place that they can finally call home. To date over 160 packs have been handed out through temporary accommodation schemes from men, women and families.

Find out why James volunteers..

James has used his skills and considerable drive to push through a difficult point in his life, regain employment, secure a permanent home and see his son regularly.

James was picked up rough sleeping in Stockport. Despite not being a Stockport resident, his family connection to Stockport was such that the H3 Advocate secured him a placement in temporary accommodation and registered him with a GP. James engaged with the H3 volunteering opportunities on offer, throwing himself into painting and decorating and move on work.

James' time spent rough sleeping was due in part to his poor mental health, anxiety and depression that prevented him from functioning well and maintaining a home. Through support from the Health Advocate and continued persistence to get out and volunteer, James build confidence in himself and overcame the restricting nature of his mental health issues. As he found routine and was continually completing good work his mental health improved. James completed training in Manual Handling and Health and Safety. 

The skills that James presented were such that he was considered for H3’s Cleaner position. This is an 8 month position offered to support service users who are still a step away from full employment but who have the potential to do so. Not only was James successful in securing this post but the hours were expanded to allow him to use his handyperson skills. 1 month into the job James is flourishing and has completed further training in Safeguarding. He has just accepted a permanent property from Stockport Homes and has plans to paint one of the rooms for his son, who he sees on weekends.